Fresco Serroni 2.4ltr Pitcher w Lid

Fresco Serroni 2.4ltr Pitcher w Lid

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There�s no such thing as �unbreakable� (sorry, Bruce Willis), but when we�re talking about Serroni, things are getting very, very close to being just that.

Serroni specialise in outdoor dining pieces for when you�re entertaining a crowd � and as we all know, lots of people means lots of limbs that can get in the way of things that shatter, crack and ultimately create a mess. And who wants to clean up mess when you�re in a two-foot radius of champagne and canap�s?

Serroni�s Fresco pieces are made from high-quality polycarbonate: a material that looks just like glass, but is a far, far less likely to break when dropped. It won�t shatter or crack if it falls to a hard surface, meaning that it�s safe for use around children, pets, and guests.

 All this, and it doesn�t skimp on the looks factor, either!

Fresco Pitcher On Ice features:

  • Made from tough polycarbonate � looks just like glass, but is much stronger.
  • Polycarbonate won't shatter of crack when dropped, so it's ideal for outdoor dining.
  • Central column can be filled with or ice, so that the water is cooled and ice does not end up in drinking glasses.
  • Thick plastic provides good thermal efficiency.
  • Hand wash recommended.

Capacity: 2.8 Litres (2.4 Litres with ice core inserted).
Height: 26cm.

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