Enzyme Wizard | Toilet / Bathroom Spray 1Ltr

Enzyme Wizard | Toilet / Bathroom Spray 1Ltr


Enzyme Wizard Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner is a concentrated formula specifically blended for removal of organic matter.

• Safely removes hard water and calcium deposits from all surfaces.

• Has a rapid penetrating action that breaks down all organics by using an organic salt (Ca).

• Eliminates odours by destroying the source of the problem.

• Replaces the need of using bleach in a washroom / bathroom environment

• Removes Biofilm that bacteria feed on, leaving a safer environment.

• Gentle for Allergies, Asthma & skin irritations


Features / Benefits

• Unique Multi function enzyme formula to break down all urine and organic matter inside toilet bowl.

• Contains no caustic ingredients – Won’t damage surface of toilet bowl that becomes pitted.

• Formula includes Citric acid that is designed to remove all calcium and hard water deposits in and around toilet.

• Specially designed formula to adhere to toilet bowl surface by means of using a foaming spray head.

Can be disposed of down drains, enzyme will carry on breaking down organic matter in drains.

• Can be diluted down to 10:1 and used as a general bathroom cleaner.



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