Enzyme Wizard | All Purpose Surface Spray

Enzyme Wizard | All Purpose Surface Spray


Enzyme Wizard All Purpose Surface Spray safely cleans all surfaces around the Home & Office as well as general areas that need to be cleaned.

• Organic multi enzyme formula

• Breaks down the fats, oils and grease that bacteria feed on.

• Safe on any surface that can take water.

• Eliminates Foul Odours at the source.

• Gentle for Allergies, Asthma & skin irritations

• Suitable for all surfaces - Floors, walls, Glass, Stainless steel, Tiles, range hoods, BBQ’s, Bench tops.

• Powerful - does not push grease and dirt around with soap & water, but the enzymes work to destroy the mess.


Features / Benefits

• pH Neutral – No Palm Oil

• Soap Free Formula – Septic safe

• Contains no caustic ingredients – No Ammonia, No Chlorine

• General wiping down of surface is only required.

• Product does not contain soap and will not streak on any surface. No residue left behind.

• Can be disposed of down drains, enzyme will carry on breaking down organic matter in all sinks.

• Cleans: grease, dirt, wine, coffee, soda & juice stains, leaving no residue.

• Deodorises by destroying the organic matter causing odours, rather than just masking them.

• Assists the natural bacteria in septic tanks to break down material.

• Eliminates biofilm



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