Bio Cleaner | Degreaser - 20ltr

Bio Cleaner | Degreaser - 20ltr

SKU: CH Bio Cleaner

Industrial Strength, heavy duty multi purpose degreaser/detergent. Completely biodegradable, phosphate free, quickbreak formulation, based on citrus oils which leavea fresh orage fragrance.

Ideal for epoxy painted floors, colescent paint oil water seperators. Reduces COD and BOD levels in interceptor pits and oil separator sumps. 


Recommended for use in a wide variety of applications, ie. degreasing, workshop floor surfaces, steam cleaning, washrooms, heavy vehicle and machinary washing, pressure washing and many other internal cleaning situations.


Can be used as a "spray & wipe" cleaner to remove grease and grime from all types of aluminium, steel, laminate, vynal, plastic as well as painted surfaces.

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